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Today Viggle updated their rewards and jump in points required to redeem

Best Buy is now 62,500 for $25 (was 50,000)

CVS is now 10,000 for $5 (was 9,000 and already gone lol)

I haven't seen the Starbucks yet? Also, for the bonus points for the prime time shows is now +50 instead of the +100 that we are use to seeing. 


What else is next?

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Its not as great as when it was before but still easy to get. I only redeem for the CVS gc and I haven't paid oop at CVS for like about 3 full months. I save my viggle points and cash out right away for the CVS gc. Sometimes it takes Viggle a while to bring back some of the rewards.

Tan said:

Definitely agree, when viggle first started it was so much fun because the rewards were easier to obtain, now it's out of control especially with these low low check in points. I hope they stop increasing the GC points because I'm losing interest even though it's free money.

the checking in always takes a very long time any suggestions on making it take less time?

Michelle M. said:

What do you need help on Sherica? I can try to help you if I knew exactly what your question is. I've been doing Viggle since June of this year and I Viggle everyday! :)

Sherica Sanders said:

so im new to viggle this monh i have made lke 15k points ok the problem is that it can take up to 5 minutes to check in. granted i am a stay at home mom and can check in to tv shows all day but the hassle is frustrating help!

Sherica - make sure you have your TV turned up as high as you can and hold the device close to the TV. This usually helps to get Viggle to recognize the show quickly.

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