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The insert and coupon sale talk has gotten a little bit out of control. Please post anything related to buying or selling here only. No more blog posts or status updates please. Not mad, just want to tidy things up a bit.

Wow...this thread has taken on a life of it's own. I am getting a bit concerned about the volume of people advertising coupons and inserts. I am going to close this discussion and will be starting a new one. If you have inserts or coupon clipping services that you want to sell you can contact me rob@couponlikeaman.com to talk about it.

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Great Idea... Rob

I like this idea a lot, thanks for posting!

yes, very good idea

I was just thinking the same thing yesterday.

7/15 RP & SS for .15 cents/inserts msg me if your interested

It is against the law to sell coupons, if you are trading that is fine, if you have inserts it is best to put a disclaimer in your posts letting others they are paying for your time to collect, handle, sort, clip, ship the coupons, not purchasing the coupons themselves.

OCD much lol 

does anyone have insert to sell for 9/15?

Yes we have them look at my profile it won't let me give you the site they are 50 cents
That will give you the site

Got it, thank you!


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