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This is the forum for family dollar. Going to transfer pictures of the ad that Carmen so nicely got for us! (Thanks Carmen!)

Also if anyone is able to roll those family bucks they earned last week please let us know..

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No problem, it might not look pretty, but I re-posted the ad pics. :)

KMP (M) said:

Well I did I just cannot get it to post to the forum.

Carmen said:

RIght Click (copy image) :) LOL

KMP (M) said:

Having trouble transferring those pictures might be a bit before I figure it out..

Click below to see the Family Dollar Weekly Ad

View PDF Flyer Here

Sooo jello would be free??

Big thank you again Carmen!

Carmen said:

Buy any two shown in this box, get $2

advil, tablets, ibuprofenadvil, liqui-gels, ibuprofenadvil pm, caplets, ibuprofenthermacare, wrapscaltrate, tabletscentrum, tablets, vitamins, multi-vitaminspreparation h, ointment, cream, hemorrhoid

Are they rolling or is it like last week with a different date?

I'm wondering about if they roll too?

BUT, I find it interesting that it says "get up to $12 off"... "look for coupons" PLURAL. Does that mean we can do 1 of each per transaction? Last round, I did the Kraft foods $3 and the Clairol $2 together in order to use up my $5 from GM. The register refused to acknowledge the $5 (ain't that sweet), and it only printed a $3, no $2. PLUS, I know the cashiers have been instructed NOT to accept more than 1 crt as pymt! 

I have a very friendly mgr who tried n tried to make it work. Finally, she just paid me in cash. Fine thing, the store runs a promo offering a $5 crt, then the register denies to take it when you attempt to use it! And, only able to use 1 per transaction?

Yeah. That's Family Dollar for ya'

Bethany... did you use a q? Did you pay w/ a crt?

I didn't get my $2 on Balsam last week... wonder if it's a Clairol thing, q thing or crt thing?

Bethany Moore said:

The herbal essence is not printing the $2 like it should be when you buy 2.

i paid with a Q, my dad is a manager at FD so I was allowed to play a bit with all the different types, but the Herbal essence did NOT print a $2, per any pair I tried. Something about the 10.17 ounce, There is no such HE lol

I tried to do the food deal where I bought three bbq sauces and I also tried the HE shamp/cond and neither one printed crts for me. Tried it with no qs and with qs nothing worked. About 1pm in PA


did you use a crt to pay? I got 3 jello, no new crt

I tried the Thermacare last week and didn't get the CRT. FD is weird sometimes.

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