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Ongoing List of Dollar General Penny Items & Clearance Thread..

This is an ongoing thread for penny items & clearance..please post all items you find here...

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Purple dot clock 90% off=40 cents

That explains why I couldnt get my 12 penny barbie toys haha. Looks like Im gonna have to go look for their policy tonight and print it out for them to see next time. :)

VICKI said:

DG policy states if it's on the floor, they MUST sell it. The mgrs / clerks don't like to bc it shows they have not been doing their jobs and must answer to corp.

how do you know when they go on sale for a penny and which ones are a penny?

thanks, I am in the process of decorating my kitchen to have that cafe look and I have been eyeing these cups, towels and table cloths. Hope I can find them.

Tara said:

Another hand towel(10 cent), matching cups(20 cent), and all the table cloths(40 cent). Some of the tablecloths matched this hand towel and cups.

PUZZLES... love trying to figure out things! WHY did Deborah GREEN STAR ring up a penny, but the green star onesie I tested was only 50% off? I went back to her pic n did my homework...

LIGHT BULB!!! lol Just like the LICENSED T-shirts etc are never included in a penny-out, I'm guessing that the SPORT green star are pennied-out. They're usually at the end of a rack, seperate. Gonna test them today.

Thanks for the tip..gonna try that tomorrow

This long pillow had no dot, just like the black and white pillows, but it was clearanced at 90%, regularly $10. It looks like a left over Valentines Day pillow.

If any of you have problems buying penny items I highly recommend you go to DG website and contact them using your local store number so you will get a reply from your local DM. This way you will have ON HAND an email from your local DM stating their policy. Here is what my DM sent me regarding penny item policy:

"Dollar General’s policy is to sell you whatever you come to the register with.  So, if you have 12 items that are a penny, we sell you those 12.  Our associates can’t allow you to go back and get more, but whatever you bring up, we are to sell you." 

So according to her, you need to bring your suspected items to the register at checkout. DO NOT ask them to price check for you before check out. If you do, they have the right to deny you more than one of the item.

Most importantly, contact your DM and get the policy straight from his/her mouth because that is who the store has to answer to. Be nice and courteous. If you can get his or her phone number you are even better off!

My trip to Florida with the NASTY, MEAN cashiers there has been reported to my DM and she passed it on to them. Now I am waiting to hear from their DM.

So, I went to my local DG over the weekend in search of any penny items I could find. Somehow I ended up talking with the store manager/owner (whatever he was) and we started talking about these penny items.

He told me the penny items are not supposed to be sold to customers. Basically, (and this is what he told me) the companies give these items to Dollar Generals to sell and they have a certain time frame to sell them in. If the items are not sold within that time frame, they are to be boxed up and shipped back to the company. A key indicator for the cashier that this item has been "recalled" by the company is that it will ring up as a penny. The cashier is supposed to take this item and put it in the big box to send back (ie: not sell it.)

He proceeded to tell me that over the past two and half months, over 20 managers have been fired from DG's for allowing these items to be sold. Associates have been fired for "letting their friends and family know when these items show up as a penny." He explained how the police have been involved and Loss prevention.

I told him I didnt know anyone at any of the DG's in the area and that I also didnt find any items for a penny.

I did however want to pass this word along to everyone as he said, "the people who continue to get this stuff for a penny are 'lucky'. " I told him that as customers, its not our fault the items havent been pulled from the shelf. I told him that most people have been calling corporate when the cashiers refuse to sell the items. He told me there is nothing corporate offices can do as the manager has the final word. (Not sure how true that is.)

Im not sure how true any of his story is - but after speaking with him, I was a little happy I didnt find any penny items because I didnt want to have to deal with any of that when I got to the register.

Just wanted to pass it on to the CLAM family. Whether you choose to ignore it or not is totally up to you. In the meantime, I gotta admit - Im a litttttlle jealous of all of the penny items everyone else is getting! :(

I called the Florida Store and that is basically what they told me except the manager told me that it was her DISTRICT MANAGER that would not allow them to sell the items. But our district manager says otherwise. I just want to know the truth. It is sad they can't get together on their own policy.

I agree.

He basically made it seem like the people looking for these penny items are theives. I said, "If you needed a new kitchen rug and you knew you could get it for a penny at a local store, wouldnt you go and try to find one?" He didnt say anything.

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