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Ongoing List of Dollar General Penny Items & Clearance Thread..

This is an ongoing thread for penny items & clearance..please post all items you find here...

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Zebra print Laptop Bag Penny Item, has the green star tag--hard to find!!

i am so jelous with all the pictures. lolzz..
@ Vicky, like i said i chose all te diff colors and go up to the cashier and act like i was buying them so when i told her i dont want the items that were full price she asked me if i just want to check the prices and i said yes to some items. thats when she walked to the back and grabbed her scanner...te green star clothing rang up to be a penny..thats how i found out..went back to get more than 10 greeen star items..she used her scanner where i cant see how much it is besides from what shes telling me...they were not a penny..im thinking of going back and do what u do...lolz...disappointed yesterday but its a learning process...lolz
also, at this DG, i couldnt find any purple dot items..non of the laptop bags, baskets, the disney pets...trust me, me and my sisters scanned the whole store with this blog up on each phones looking for these items...lolzz...smh
Found a clock with purple dot =40 cents
Finally Found The Disney Pillow Pets... 2 Of Them. Crabby Cashiers(The Worst Ever) Wouldn't Sell Them To Me. So Either They Took Home Some Pillow Pets Or They Go In The Dumpster. I Will Be Calling Corporate About ThIs Store. They Were Rolling Their Eyes At Me, Wouldn't Answer My Questions And Were Pathetically Rude.
Wow!!!..I don't get it..why make the price a penny and they don't want to sell them? I going back today and make sure that when they scan my items in a way that I can see the price and if they don't let me take them just bcoz it's a penny than I'm calling corporate!!!...lolzz..I'm dead serious
I Don't Mind Them Only Selling Me One, ButWhen They Treat You Like Dirt For Doing Their Job(Finding The Penny Items) That's A Different Story. They Were Even Inspecting With A Magnifying Glass And Dissing My Coupons Because They Were "Internet Printable" While TheLine Grew And Other Customers Were getting Grumpy At Me. But When She Rolled Her Eyes.....uh

I'm so JEALOUS Dee!!!  You hit the JACKPOT!!! I hit 1 reg store, did get my wicker baskets, but 2 new-to-me only had a few Amazing Values left. NO purple dot AT ALL! My green star clothes were only 50% off. The blue dot toys were reg price... I think only the "electronic" blue dot toys were pennied-out, and there were NONE here. The towels were only 25% off. I guess I got all I could this round.  :(  BUT, there's always TUESDAY for a new round!  I did well w/ all my bugs, doggies, baskets and asstd amazing values.

Deborah... these items are NOT marked to a penny... the .01 code indicates that it SHOULD be removed from the floor. We just happen to get them for 1-cent because someone messed up removing them. DG policy states if it's on the floor, they MUST sell it. The mgrs / clerks don't like to bc it shows they have not been doing their jobs and must answer to corp.

This is the penny item i found yesterday

I found a coupon of Photo Album with voice Recorder feature.  It is in a white box, it has $20.00 on box with a yellow star under it.  The UPC is 694864258631, there are 2 boys and a girl with a lady in the right corner.  Hope that helps.  I don't have a way to take a picture and post it.  Sorry guys.

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