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Ongoing List of Dollar General Penny Items & Clearance Thread..

This is an ongoing thread for penny items & clearance..please post all items you find here...

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I got La Choy Noodles on penny clearance for the past two weeks...so i am unsure La Choy is going to be shipped back those products, which had about a month before expiring. 

The manager at this one goodly store said..."Shhhh" as they rang through. 

Sounds like a total loss all the way around in payroll for the hassle...the trucks, and gas to ship these items to where...and the sorting through of all that garbage.

lol Yes, I can not stand it when I am treated like a thief for using coupons, catching good sales, and for being smart and frugal. That's what happened to me in FL.

Amanda Sanders said:

 I said, "If you needed a new kitchen rug and you knew you could get it for a penny at a local store, wouldnt you go and try to find one?" He didnt say anything.

Dg can suck a rotten egg. Like i've said before and i know for a fact the dgs around me just throw the stuff away so i don't want to hear the ones by me anyway complain about me giving them a penny for it or 10 cent or what ever because its just going to the trash

These are the items I was able to find between 3 stores. The shower caddys were $1, the basket was .60, the blue votives .15, the coffee cups .35, the rug, 1.00, the candle .35, the laptop bags .01, the valentines bears .20, the chocolate coffee mug and plate were .10 each. I found some of the large Cars pillow pets but they were ringing up regular price.

Oh, and the latte table cloths were .30 each the flowers were .20 each. 

Just found 2 wicker baskets for .70 a large canvas pic for 1.20 and two rugs for.01!!! Happy cause i never find penny items here in NY

Lanie, on the La Choy Noodles... was it a specific kind or all? That one is new-2-me. TY

We Just Got Valentine ClearanceD Body Pillows For $1. Check Out My photo. Can't Post Here Yet. On My Phone.

Round 2 & 3...hit several stores today...still have several more to make! Found several penny rugs, more purple dot & this pic does not show the haul I did for mom.  Total between the 2 of us=76 rugs, 14 bath rugs, 58 kitchen towels, plus lots & lots more of the other various items. 

So...what dots might turn 90% tomorrow? I got late on this but score few items today thanks to all of you nice clam fam.

I found 3 of the above games  tonight for a penny, found tan dot hoodied towels and blankets. Found more purple dot cups and diva coasters and 7 more decorative pillows and 1 kitchen rug. 

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