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Ongoing List of Dollar General Penny Items & Clearance Thread..

This is an ongoing thread for penny items & clearance..please post all items you find here...

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Patty, they were smaller & ceramic, very cute tho. I saw a black n white polka-dot one, May have to get that today. The LARGE coin counter btls are a penny, but I haven't found any yet, They are ONLY the big ones marked $10. You'll see lots of the smaller $6.

Tara, THANKS so much! Pictures help so much. I tried the Diva coasters too, but also got $3.75... I just turned them down. Isn't it strange how all the other purples are 90% off, but they forgot the coasters! All the Cars PillowPets are a penny, except the gray one. All the Valentine shirts except the broken heart one. There's always an exception. 

i went today for the first time and i think i kinda irritate the cashier by having her check the price of all the diff colors so when i gave her pants that was $10 with green star she disnt check it at the register she walked away and came back with a scanner which she scanned the item and it was a penny, so i bought that with other yellow dot itemss that were 50%off..i went back and got more green star items she scanned it with her scanner(no the register) and they wernt a penny...i mean about 10 items(green star)..i was confused and thought the cashier knew that they were a penny and didnt want me to get them..lolz..i mean why would she ahve to get the scanner and not check it at the register??..next time i wont ask just have them scan and return what i dont want, not a penny. lol..does this happen often or maybe im jus a newbie...lol

Deborah... I usually load my cart with things I'm SURE of, and watch to make sure they all ring up correctly, as I mentioned above, there is ALWAYS a bad apple that was NOT pennied out in every "set" of items (purple dot, PillowPets etc). I also include 2-3 items for them to scan for me. That's how I found those cute doggie blankies. We all need to guinea-pig things. I'd read that the Slushie Makers were a penny, but mine scanned at $10.

THANKS so much for alerting us to the GREEN STAR clothing! How did you know? I haven't seen anything on any of the sites! WOW, I thought I was only running for the baskets n bath caddies... now, I'm gonna have to hit ALL the stores all over again! Blaming you for my not getting any work done today! LOL

I cannot see them either on my phone. On my computer I can see that there is an attachment, the name of it, and the option to delete it, but not the photo. Weird!

I did find some new pennt items last night and a few different 90% items. I will try to get pics of those asap.

gaoyher said:

Nvm, I saw it..it was my computer 

Were all of these items found on the clearance isle? Or were they found throughout the store?

Purple dot items 90% off

More purple dot

Purple Dot

More Purple Dot

These are the "Amazing Value" Items that are a penny..they have the tags with the letters under price, i.e. A, B. C, etc

Penny Rugs, these have light tan dots

Closeups of some of the purple dot items

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