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Ongoing List of Dollar General Penny Items & Clearance Thread..

This is an ongoing thread for penny items & clearance..please post all items you find here...

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i've been still finding penny items

Love is the soul's recognition of it's counterpart in another.It was bound to get bogged after a bit. We will continue to post in this thread. Thanks!

Its January 2015 and I am ready to relist, and restart this penny thing. I want a true list and ppl copy and paste, then add what they found. I copied from my receipt.

Tonight (yesterday) I found:

  1. T14 (harvest) kitchen towel 848405008159-210
  2. T14 (harvest) kitchen towel 848405008135-210
  3. T14 (harvest) dishcloth 8405250011934-210
  4. S14 PP 2 pk Dishcloth 032124303644-210
  5. Mini Coloring Book (Crayola small like a crayon box but bigger) 071662119751-140

 C14 oven mit.. Christmas was 70% off @  $0.30 from $1

Most, if not all DGs will see Christmas items goes to 25¢ on Tuesday 01/20.  


Hey everyone!

I think Christmas items will hit 10¢ tomorrow.  Does anyone know which food items are included in with the Christmas stuff?  Last week I was able to get McCormick Nutmeg, Libby's Pumpkin Pie mix in the can, Clover Valley pumpkin pulp (canned), and of course a fruit cake.

Christmas goes 10c today

$2/10 for 1/28

Text  2off to 34898

How about scenarios???

One I'll be doing is  B10 Crest @ $1 = $10. Use $2/10 = $8. Use (3) $2.25/3 and (1) 75c = 50c for 10 tubes

5c EACH!!!  :-)

how do you find out when they have there penny day

Amanda Sanders said:

I agree.

He basically made it seem like the people looking for these penny items are theives. I said, "If you needed a new kitchen rug and you knew you could get it for a penny at a local store, wouldnt you go and try to find one?" He didnt say anything.

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