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Here's my list for Rite Aid this week. I hope it helps someone out. FYI Don't blame me if the deals are off a little :) I'm just trying to help couponsareawesome this week I know he has been busy.

Ring Relief Homeopathic Ear Drops .05 oz bottle or

Pink Eye Relief Eye drops .05 bottles $7.49 (gold Price)

Buy one get back $10 in points Limit 2

Use $2/1 PDF I posted this in the PDF master list (check the Forums)

Pay $5.79



Colgate Toothpaste $2.99

Use $2 IAQ
Use $1/1 Printable coupons.com

Pay: Free


Colgate Toothbrush $2.99

Use $2 IAQ

Use $1/1 9/13 SS (expires 10/3)

Pay: Free


Tresemme $5/2 9/27 RP
Spend 15 get $5 Limit 2

Buy 4

Use 2 $5/2 9/27 RP

Pay: $6 Get $5

Plus get $1 from SavingStar for buying a shampoo or conditioner

And $1 for buying a styler

Bayer BOGO50% get $2 wyb 2 Limit 2
Cheapest should be around $3.29

Buy 2
Use 2 $1/1 9/13 RP
Pay $2.93 get back $2


Nexxus get $10pp wyb 2
The small bottles are 6.99 reg. 5.59 gold

Pay $11.18

Get $10


Centrum $6.99

Might be a good deal if you printed the $4/1 from coupons.com

(I couldn’t find it)
There are also a few other Qs available (check the database)

Pay ? get back $2 in Points

 Plus $1 from SavingStar


WetOnes BOGO  Free

Use 1.50/2 coupons.com

There was $1/1 printable RAQs available. I don’t have them so I’m not sure where they came from.

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Thank you! Also, I bought 11 boxes of children's advil on sale for $5.99 comes to $54.89...after the $3 coupons from this Sundays paper. I paid...$21.89 and got back $25 toys r us gift cert
I also got a good deal on Degree deodorant. Bought 4 for 4.63$ each = $18.52 used $1.50qs from this week's paper = $12.52 then got back $5 in points (when you spend $15) brings it to $7.52. Which makes them $1.88 each.
Plus be careful cause Tresemme, St. Ives, and Degree are all on the same Plenti points. Not every store has all their signs up :/

Thanks! I'll try to post next week's forum today.

You are welcome. Just thought I would throw something up there.

couponsareawesome said:

Thanks! I'll try to post next week's forum today.

The Eye and Ring Relief is no longer giving back 1000 points. It was a misprint and has been changed to only give back 100 points.

Watch your register receipts for RA Nexxus $3 off, may be combined with the hair deal for a MM.  They are sparse, but printing.  There is also an RA register receipt for Centrum (100 ct) , I think it was $2 off, making the Centrum free when combined with manu coupon + plenti.  *Note concerning the Eye & Ring Relief.  If you contact Corp, it is reported they will honor the 1 transaction and credit you the additional Plenti points, but they will not honor the 2nd.  You may return that one. 

Tide is stock up price for me this week.  Works out to $2.93 (with tax) each, and anything under $3 is good.  Buy 6, use Tide qs from P&G.  I only had the $5/3 and then used 3 x $2/1= $11 in coupons.  If you have enough, you can use 6 x $2/1 and save another $1.  Interestingly, the Spring Mountain (green label) Tide rang up $4.99.  Not sure if the same in your store, but pay attn to that and use in your calcuations.  It was a good week. 

Thanks Vicky for the help!

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