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Is anyone still here?

Crest Rinse $5 get $4 in points (Limit 2)

Use 1 $1.10/1 MQ:

Pay $3.90 get $4 in points...10¢ each!

Oberto Jerky 2/$6 get $1 in points (Limit 2)

$2.50 each. Not a bad price and also look for peelies

Buy 6 Tic Tacs 3/$3 get $1 in points (Limit 2)

Use 3 $1/2 MQs:

Pay $3 get $2 in points...16.6666666666666666¢ each

Buy 2 Listerine Flosser $2.55 gold get $2.50 in points WYB 2 (Limit 2)

Use 2 $1 MQs (tearbad, hangtag, printable - check database)

Pay $3.10 get $2.50 in points...30¢ each!

Schick disposables Spend $15 get $5 in points (Limit 2)

$7/2 MQ:

Conair accessories Spend $8 get $4 in points (Limit 2)

Look for clearance

Centrum $7.19 gold get $2 in points (Limit 2)

Use 1 $4 MQ: 5/31 RP (Exp. 6/14)

Pay $3.19 get $2 in points...$1.19 each!

Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste $3.99 get $1.50 in points (Limit 2)

Use 1 $1.75 RAQ (receipt or email, if you have it)

& 1 $1 MQ: 6/14 SS

Pay $1.24 get $1.50 in points...26¢ MM!

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Still here, just waiting for the deals to start back up. I'm really glad I'm not having to roll Up Rewards.

Still here....waiting on great deals as well. Thanks for all you d

You're welcome guys. No one posts much on here anymore.

Wonder how Rite Aid is doing without as much couponing.

No one is posting because there are no deals popping up. :(

I was wondering the same thing. The Up Reward program really pulled them from the brink of bankruptcy. We'll just have to wait and see if they start sliding backwards and start offering us more deals.

Jessica said:

Wonder how Rite Aid is doing without as much couponing.

Thank You !!!

no problem

roasted almond said:

Thank You !!!

Present and accounted for!!!

Still waiting for great deals :)

I too like sleeping in on Sundays and not having to rush out to get the deals before they're gone!!

yup still checking in for deals too... Thanks for all your work!

Thanks for the deal scenarios, I still check in weekly.  I've noticed a lot of clearance in RiteAid: RA Grape Juice discounted to .25, Post Energy Cereal (w/choc) $1.24 box, candy 25-75% off.  Take a few minutes and walk the aisles.  Also, lots of .50 freshness peelies on candy bars and in the candy aisle...snacks on the cheap.

thanks for the deals scenarios every week just relaxing for while on RA nothing really good lately..

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