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I found these deals on an end-cap today but they are not in the weekly ad.  There are coupons and IP's out that will make some of them Money-Makers but you will have to locate them yourself. They are all LIMIT 1 per card:

Cura-heat therapy patches 7 ct. $5 get 500 pts.

Anacin Aspirin pain reliever 300 ct. $13 get 1300 pts.

Arnicare gel 2.6 oz $10 get 900 pts.

Vivarin Caffeine Alertness aid 40 ct. $9 get 900 pts.

Absorbine plus Jr pain liquid 4 oz $9 get 900 pts.

Doans extra strength pain reliever 24 ct. $8 get 800 pts.

Rite Aid cold/hot medicated patches 5 ct. $5 get 500 pts.

Mid-nite drug sleep aid 30 ct. $9 get 900 pts.

Also found Cerave and Nexxas in clearance bin.

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