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What do you guys see

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Hi all, the Level Life protein bars are on sale this week for $4.00 and there is a 20% off cartwheel which makes them better than free with the $4.00 off coupon from the Walgreens Diabetes and you magazine.

Also from now till sometime in December there will be a new toys everyday offered at 50% off with cartwheel and this week the deal is even sweeter because there was a 25%off toy dept coupon in the Target toy book that came with this Sunday's paper. The coupon is valid from 11/2-11/8 so all this week save even more! 

Yes to has a 2.50/1 any item coupon on their facebook page.

for the Level Life, it is a better deal because when you buy three you get a $5gc

I have been checking all my targets all week and they NEVER have had the level bars in stock.  It's ridic.

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