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Please post all deals from this week here! :)

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any one happen to have the $1/1 honey bunches of oats target Q? would make for a great deal on cereal this week with the buy 4 get a $5.00 GC.


If anyone scanned it and would like to share please let me know!


Buy 2 Yes to Cucumbers calming mask treatment 0.5 oz $1.97 each Pay $3.94 Get back a $5 Target Gift Card Final cost FREE + a $1.06 Moneymaker!

FYI they did not produce a gc for me however because they were tagged they took 5 dollars off of my total purchase for every two i bought giving me overage and the products for free :)

SB said:

Buy 2 Yes to Cucumbers calming mask treatment 0.5 oz $1.97 each Pay $3.94 Get back a $5 Target Gift Card Final cost FREE + a $1.06 Moneymaker!

SB - thanks for the info. I'm going to go try this today. Is there a limit on the amount of times I can do this?

@SB where were these in your store?

This worked for me. I got 20 of them, and got a $50 GC back. 

@technical couponer - did thr register promt the gift cards or do they have to manually give you one?

The register didn't prompt the GC UNLESS they do an 'inquiry' on the product. Basically I had to go to guest services and get them to give me the GC, then the second time around I had to wait ~15 mins for a manager or team lead to come do the GC. Both times they made me spend the money before giving the GC. The second time I did it they pulled the hang tag from the shelf, so now no other customer will know that it's on sale.

Went to Target - ;O(

OMG -My Target is So Difficult- Went today and tried to do the Tide Boost deal - showing the image from last week and saying - Will you honor the deal that I took a picture of last week ??? The idiot manager said he would on;y do 1 Tide . I said but my Q is a 1/2 and I need at least 2 and he said NO. one is priced at $2.99 and the other is $5.99. So I then asked the store Number so I could call corporate - cause they seem to Honor Everyone else !!!!!! UUGGHH

???Do I call Or Leave it alone ?????

Target only gave me one gift card on the mask. I bought 18 should of received 9. They told me it was a mistake and they are not in business to loose money. They were acting as if it was my fault. Of course 16 are getting returned.
Hi there, a friend works at the local Target, she told us of some coupon changes. If you use a b1g1f coupon they have adjust the price down no more auto duct. Also, if your coupon makes the cashier select accept or not accept; they will no longer take them no exceptions. Has anyone else heard of this at their stores?
I have. My store has been doing this for a while now. Every now and then a cashier will accept it. Funny thing most of my q's that beep are targets q. My target adjust down every q. For example I used 2 $2 off Gillette they adjusted to 1.48. My question is wont they still get $2 from Gillette. She didn't change anything on the q. I understand policy and can accept them but I do not think target is correct on this. I feel they simply do not like couponers, it's sad.

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