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C-span the news channel gives great points. The average for one of those newscast has been 400+ points! Just thought I'd share.

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Nice !!! Thanks, seems like its takin me forever to build up points. 

Yea, I was feeling like that as well. I started viggling Hsn, Sporting events, and now C-span and i feel like I'm making some head way.

Awesome. Yea sometimes I wouldnt bother checkin in, because seems like it would take me forever just to a few points here and there. 

Thx for the tip! I just check into anything on that's at least 1 hour or just movies. This helps.

thanks for the tip!

No Prob! :)

Thank you so much! I was just looking for ways to get more points. I've been getting hit with these 15 & 20 point bonus clips, but it's taking forever! The most that I';ve ever been able to get for a show has been 250! 

Check into NBC for 250 points for Macys 4th of July Fireworks

And then check into America's Lost Treasures (Tues 9 PM EST)

Here is 25 shows you can giggle on your free time!!


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