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This will be a running list of confirmed Walmart moneymakers.



If you are a Walmart shopper getting overage, make sure that you check out this post. It will make you life a LOT easier. Walmart overage without the manager

Simple Green All Purpose Cleanser $1.97ea
Use $3/ HERE (needs boost)
OOP= -$1.03 MM

Birds Eye Recipe (Chopped Greens & Onions) $1.00ea
Use $1/1 (SS 04/13)
Or Use $0.75/1 on HERE!
OOP= $0.25- FREE!


Bayer Contour Next meter (starting 1/12) @ $8.00  $10/1 Bayer pdf

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Nannette said:

Posted on CouponersUnited:     MM on Meta Health Bar.  They are $1.47 @ wm . $2/1 mq in pg 9/28.

I think it says in their policy that the coupon HAS TO SCAN, otherwise they don't accept it

Qpn K1ng said:

I just tried it. The coupon would not scan. However, the CSM manually entered the coupon. I wouldnt try getting more than one. He did try to bring up the "portfolio" language on the coupon, but after explaining it to him he entered the coupon with no arguement. YMMV, but I did get the overage. They were $7.63 regular price at my store. 

Brittany Josie said:

Has anyone tried the bayer meter coupons at walmart?

how can i print the q's for the bayer meter?

It's been around for a week or so but still available. Luizianne Iced tea 1 gallon pouches for .98. Use 1.50 off one. I've used it beeps except it gives an overage message at self checkout so some cashiers get weird. Just use in regular check out lines.

Still using the Luizanne Iced tea. You can add Frigo Cheeseheads .50/1 on the single cheesesticks that are .37 and you can use 1.25/1 airwick gadget on the single pack warmer for .94. All scan perfectly!

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