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***Update 11/29***

There are two new Reach coupons that just popped up this morning. Both make the toothbrushes a moneymaker. Grab em up.

$1.50 off REACH 2-pack or multi-pack toothbrushes

$0.75 off ANY ONE (1) REACH Toothbrush


Adscan Here

Obviously this is a VERY big week. I will add much more as we go, but this should lay a good foundation for the other blogs to steal. ;)

Some preliminary thoughts about this week.

1. If you don't preorder this would be a great time to start.

2. Remember to leverage your points as much as possible. Do big transactions so that you can take advantage of 40000pts being worth $50.

3. Pros go in with a plan in advance. Way in advance. Gen pop "runs" around with their heads cut off chasing things all over town and is never prepared to make the really big score. This is your chance to do it like a pro. Do not be gen pop.

4. Walgreens is by far the best drugstore for resellers and it is because there are no limits. Remeber when you look at these deals that you can do them as many times as you want and the only thing that will stop you is running out of inventory. (see #1) 

5. I encourage you to push yourself outside your normal comfort zone. This should be thousands of dollars worth of free product for everyone.

6. If you see a printable that matches a deal you should print it fast because the will almost never be around the week of Black Friday.

7. Do not use small value and odd value coupons. Do you really want to try and put together transactions that incorporate a $.25 Blistex coupon? No. You don't. Injecting odd denominations like $.25 will just cause problems for you at the register. Simplicity is key when it comes to register reward transactions.

8. You can pay for tax with points. So for instance if your total is $.89 after coupons and RR you may well be better off using 1000pts than taking the cash out of your pocket. Just remember not to do that if you are buying an item that you expect to generate points because you won't get them.

Pre-Black Friday Ad (starts 24th)

This is a great chance to get in and add to your bankroll for the 28th. Also, you should be able to get a bunch of the early Register Reward items without inventory worries.


Tums Freshers $4.50 get a $4.50 RR - this printable $1.00 OFF ONE (1) Tums® Chewy Delights (32ct) or Tums® Freshers (50ct)   = $1 moneymaker

Gelusil $3 get a $3 RR - this printable No Longer Available  = $2 moneymaker



Schiff Digestive Advantage $8 get an $8 RR

Swisse Men's or Women's Ultivites $10 get $10 RR

Scope Dual Blast $3 get a $2 RR - $1/1 in 10/17 or this new printable $1.00 off Scope Dual Blast Rinse 750mL or larger

Zim's Max Gel or Max Freeze $7 get a $5 RR - $2/1 in 11/17 and maybe a $2/1 on their Facebook page



Colgate Dental Care 2/$6 get 3000 pts - $1/1 in 11/10 SS

Crest and Oral B 3/$9 get a $5 RR wyb 3 - $2/3 in P&G

Irish Spring and Softsoap 2/$7 get a $4 RR





Black Friday Ad (starts the 28th)


Stoppain Gel $7.99 get a $7 RR - $2/1 Stoppain product in 11/3 SS = $.99 moneymaker

Tums Freshers $4.50 get a $4.50 RR - this printable $1.00 OFF ONE (1) Tums® Chewy Delights (32ct) or Tums® Freshers (50ct)   = $1 moneymaker

Gelusil $3 get a $3 RR - this printable $2.00 off ONE BOTTLE OF GELUSIL ANTACID & Antigas  = $2 moneymaker

Reach Toothbrushes (2pk) $3 get a $3 RR - this printable $1.50 off ONE REACH 2-pk or multi-pack toothbrush = $1.50 Moneymaker

Crest 3D White toothpaste $3 get a $3 RR - there is a $.50 coupon in the 10/27 P&G

Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser $1.99 - this printable NO LONGER AVAILABLE 



Mitchum Deodorant 2/$6 gat a $4RR - There is a $1/1 in the 11/3 SS

Max Freeze $7 get a $5 RR - $2/1 coming 11/17

Colgate Toothbrushes $2.99 get a $2 RR - $1/1 in 11/10 SS

Schiff Digestive Advantage $8 get an $8 RR

Cepacol 4ct $1 get a $1 RR

Dream Water Shot $2.50 get a $2.50 RR

Sleep Sheets $4.99 get a $4.99 RR

Got2B Oil-licious $4.99 get $4.99 RR

Psst Instant Dry Shampoo $4.99 get $4.99 RR

Magnilife Restless Legs Cream $8 get $8 RR

Blistex Nurture and Nourish Lip $2 get $2 RR

Walgreens Ultra Thin Maxi Pads $1.99 get $1.99 RR

Herbal Essences Shampoo or Conditioner $2.99 get a $2.99 RR

Scunci Hair Elastics 2/$3 get a $3 RR

Magnilife Pain Relieving Foot Cream $9.99 get $9.99 RR

Pure Moist Multipurpose lens solution 2 oz $2 get $2 RR

Neilmed Sinufrin Spray or Gel $5 get a $5 RR (there is a bogo coupon in the 11/10 RP so buy in pairs)

Pro NRG Protein Water 4 oz $1.99 get a $1.99 RR

Crest 3D White toothpaste $3 get $3 RR

Swisse Men's or Women's Ultivites $10 get $10 RR

Pert Plus 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner $.99 and there is a $1/1 coming in the 11/17 paper


Other Notable Deals:

Arm & Hammer Detergent Buy 1 Get 2 Free 

Orbit gum 3/$1 - we get coupons a lot.

Lysol Wipes and Toilet Bowl Cleaner $1.99 and buy 2 get 500 pts - $2/2 in Wags Cold & Flu Book = $.74/each

Revlon Lip Stick $7.99 geta $7 RR - this printable

$2.00 off any one (1) Revlon Lip Product

Much more to come obviously and I will post very specific transactions as time draws closer and we get a better handle on what we have for coupons.

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Ugh so excited just checked my account I have  134,500 points!!! I'm so going to push my self to do this! Thanks Rob!!!

Can Someone explain preordering and how to do it? And like are required to purchase everything u order?

Everyone who are asking about preordering- unless you have a good relationship with store management team (some of us spend years building them), you would be considered SUPER lucky if store actually preorder stuff for you...

I would say to get the most accurate answer- call (or go to) the store and talk to the store manager... 

Arrange with the store manager based on what you plan on buying.

R V said:

How does pre-ordering work. Please explain. 

Suppose to be 2 schiff coupons coming in this weeks inserts.

When you say that there is no limit, does that mean if I buy two of the same products that are giving RR that I will receive one RR for each item???

No. Only one per transaction, but there is no limit attached to the card of how many transactions can be done. Like CVS, if limit is 1, you would need multiple cards to do the deal. Wags you only need one card, just do one per transaction... Hope that makes sense... 

Monica said:

When you say that there is no limit, does that mean if I buy two of the same products that are giving RR that I will receive one RR for each item???
Actually there is a limit on how many transactions you can make in one day with one card. Its pretty high but I hit it before. Thank goodness for family members card for a back up.

R V said:

How does pre-ordering work. Please explain. 

I NEED to know this too!

Just walk up to any store manager and say "Hi, I need to pre-order some items." Not "Can I" Make sure you have the UPC codes or sku # of the items you need to order

Macey Ward said:

R V said:

How does pre-ordering work. Please explain. 

I NEED to know this too!

Question: with the nature made coupons can you use the one coupon unlimited because it's a Walgreens coupon in one transaction? Ex: $5/1 and $$3/1 coupon.
Here's the link for the $2 coupon on zims

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