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Well the news just keeps getting worse from Target. It looks like 40 million people got their credit card info stolen from Target in the last few weeks. Bottom line is that if you have used your credit card, debit card or a check at Target between November 27th and December 15th, there is a very good chance that you will start seeing unauthorized charges pop up, and money disappear.

The further problem is that once these guys get one of your accounts they are able to get your SS# and then hack into all of your other accounts too. If you swiped at Target you really need to take immediate and decisive action because if you don't you could be looking at an ordeal that could drain ALL of your accounts and getting your money back could take months. I cannot overstate how serious this is.

I am strongly recommending that everyone who shopped at Target go here and sign up for Trusted ID. It is totally free for 30 days but will allow you to make sure that nobody is messing with your info. Better yet, when they any suspicious activity they will notify you immediately so that you can tell your credit card company or bank to disallow the charge. If you wait until these transactions show up on your account it will be too late and you will have to prove that the charges were not made by you. This is a very difficult process that you want nothing to do with.

Also, remember, this is NOT something that closing your accounts will fix. These people now have your identity and can apply for credit in YOUR name.

Target still has no idea why or how this happened, and in typical Target fashion, it seems like they are completely disinterested in helping those who are being affected. They are "sorry for the inconvenience". Wow. Sorry all of your money is gone. Sorry your Christmas is ruined and that people in India are selling your identity on the internet. Sorry that it will take you YEARS to repair your credit. This is very very bad story that will continue to evolve. It is the lead story on every news network right now and looks like it is the biggest identity theft hack in history.

**note: According to CNN the hackers also got everyone's pin numbers. This is really bad.**

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Comment by Tammy on December 22, 2013 at 7:31pm
The Target breach has made me rethink debit and credit card use. No more debit card for me... EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY. I am really going to limit credit card usage as well. Lucky for me, I didn't shop at Target during the breach time period. I am so sorry for all of who are personally dealing with this breach. Some sources say you will have better luck canceling your card over the internet since it's tough to get through to a person over the phone.


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