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Things are coming nicely on the Christmas Crusade. I have decided to keep it a Clam only thing so it will not make its way onto my Youtube channel. So far we have received $240 in Cash, $40 register rewards, $25 in up rewards, 2 home improvement gift cards $50. So as we sit right now, we have almost enough for 3 families. I'm going to leave the donation window open until next Wednesday and we can take final stock on who needs to get what and how many families we can help. 

The 2 families I have committed to are

Family 1

Single Mom with 2 boys 7&9

Family 2

Mom and Dad 2 girls 4&5 and one boy 10

I will commit to more as soon as I know we can.

Thanks to everyone who has pitched in so far. I really appreciate it.

More updates coming.

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Comment by MomsthatQ on December 4, 2012 at 3:28pm
Rob this was a great idea :)


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