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Worst Week Ever For Couponing :( Just Venting

First off I decided to go on Sunday first day of sales to CVS!! Everything was gone! I have Herbal Essence Q's To be wasted and expired plus everything else was vanished on a Sunday :( Then I make my way to Target and it was my favorite store to coupon at just because of any overages i can use are always towards decor items and girls stuff plus they are always stocked EXCEPT that day they were completely out of the razors (oh did i mention i saw them completely stoked  the night before next time im going to hide stuff)  oh then i was like its ok either way i have my Glade bogo Q it expired that day so i was willing to use it with the regular sequence of Target Q's and MQ like ive done 20 times before and i also wanted to take advantage of the girls Clearance clothes with my 20% of q's that i printed from here... I went to check out and cashier spread my Q's on the table and said  No! .. No! .. Nope!  sorry mam new target policy you cant use 2 mq on a bogo and you cant use to of the same target glade coupons and you cant use the target coupon on the clothes only one per visit ... NEVER have I gotten that i had just went last week and nothing ,,, he also said they were all copy's fakes and he could not take them I told him you do know that target.com lets you print 2 per computer right how are they copies they have diff numbers??? Well long story short I was pissed off  I even asked him for the policy and re read it with him wasting all hes time even if I was wrong I was mad at the way he treated me! like please wt are you like 16 lol but since the tq do say one per customer I agreed with that but it just wasn't my day at all! and not only that I decided to go to a gas station for coupons to liven me up a little lol and cashier said i give you the coupon when you buy here the item on the coupon ugh! What a bad Week and it just started. But either way Elk Grove Couponers Watch out for me next week im going to camp out lol

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Comment by prinssesa_me on October 30, 2012 at 4:01am

hey babe one quick tip go un Saturday after 4:00 pm usually most cvs start the next weeks sales early maybe the tags wont be up but check the price  and maby its already on sale for the following week I just found out my cvs starts early this sat I checked the price for herbal essenses on the red box and it was already 2.99 hope this helps and GOD BLESS

Comment by Andrea Hoopes on October 30, 2012 at 9:49am
Curious about gas station coupons. What is that? Don't feel bad I had one of those days too. Our target never has any of the good sale items and you never know what to expect at the cash register.
Comment by Romina (M) on October 30, 2012 at 7:42pm
@Steph I bet there arent alot of couponers in your area or you have a really good store hope you feel better
@Glory thanx im going to go Sat just to check do you still get the.ecb though?
@Andrea yeap most gas stations bigger ones mostly have coupons attached to the cardboard thingy or the cashiers.have them upfront ask and maybe they will give you some they are mostly high value and long experation date
Comment by prinssesa_me on October 31, 2012 at 4:05am
Yes you also get all your ecb ;) for the sales
Comment by Lisa B on November 1, 2012 at 7:18pm

I had a bad week too.  First I went to the CVS that I usually go to where they just scan the coupons and don't lower the amount.  I had Herbal Ess. and Pantene to buy with a 4 each of the BOGO coupons.  The cashier started like normal and a manager walked up and said, "Are you modifying those for the purchase price?"  The cashier didn't know what she was talking about, so the manager showed her.  I should have just told them to void the order, get my coupons and leave, but I felt weird about that since they had scanned my CVS card.  I didn't want them to like Blackball me or anything.  So I paid for it.

The next day, I decided to go try my luck at Target, because they had the Herbal Ess. on sale for $2.99 and I read that they were auto deducting the full $6.99 of the coupon.  So I got my shampoo and conditioners and my 4 BOGO coupons, plus some other stuff to eat up the overage and the cashier started to lower the amount of the coupons.  This time, since I didn't give a loyalty card, I told her to void the order and give me back my coupons.  I have so much shampoo right now, I don't need to pay for any. 

Then I got in an argument over the Verio coupons/price match at Walmart and ended up just walking away from that order too.  What is it this week?  Bad week for me and I haven't gone out again. :(


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