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How to Shop at Rite Aid

Rite Aid for Beginners 
by (KMP)
Step 1 Go to Rite aid in store or on Riteaid.com & order a Wellness Card
Step 2 Go to Riteaid.com & set up an account: https://www.riteaid.com/ 
Step 3 Opt out of the Load2card up rewards. (I will explain later how to opt out & why this is a must when coupon
Wellness program Details: 
There are 2 goals you may want to achieve with your wellness card..Silver 500 Points 10% discount on non-sale items & then Gold 1,000 Points 20% on non-sale items.
You can earn 1 point with every dollar spent on non-prescription purchases. The key is to use "coupon dollars instead of your own money to earn points" Even when using a coupon on the item the full amount before coupons counts as points.
You will also be able to earn 25 points for every non-government funded prescription you fill at Rite aid.
Here is a page on terms & conditions of the wellness program: https://www.riteaid.com/wellness/limitation-details. (More details below)
Rite Aid Coupon Policy & Store Coupon Info:
A Rite Aid Store Coupon starts with either RC48 or RC49 Video Values are RC49's & they are store coupons even though they say Manufacture coupons on the top of them.
At Rite Aid you are allowed to stack 1 RC48 Store Coupon, 1 RC49 Store Coupon, & 1 Manufacture Coupon per item. 
Video Value Coupons are found here: http://live.adperk.com/riteaid/frame/ravv You have to be signed up for a Rite Aid online wellness account to access these. You will have to watch a video & then your coupon will be able to be printed.
You are only going to be able to print one like Video Value Coupon per account.These Video Value Coupons have a unique code & should not be printed more than once per account.
 If you want multiple of the same Video Value Coupons you must get multiple Rite Aid cards & accounts. These Video Value Coupons are not card specific & can be used on any Rite Aid card not just the account/card that you printed it from.
If you have more than 1 Rite Aid account & plan to print from multiple accounts from the same computer you will have to go incognito or private browser. (Details Below)
Another way to get Rite Aid Store Coupons is found here: https://www.facebook.com/riteaid/app_214265261970624?ref=ts
 (They usually change or add to these coupons every Monday morning at 9 am est.)(These must also be printed incognito or private browser as well. Details Below)
Make sure to sign up for Rite Aid Emails on riteaid.com, they normally send some every Saturday late night but check throughout the week sometimes they send them mid-week as well.
Be vigilant printing them so they will keep sending the store coupons to you.
Some store coupons print on your receipt as well. There are also in-ad coupons that come in Rite aid's ads sometimes.
There are also greenish peelies on some products in the store. They are normally RC48's. RC48's do reduce your tax for some reason.
The first Wednesday of every month at most stores there is a table set up with Rite Aid Coupons on it as well. This is Senior's Day for Wellness 65+ but most stores do not mind letting anyone use the coupons.
Here is the full coupon policy for Rite Aid: https://www.riteaid.com/customer-support/coupon-acceptance-policy
Please note most stores allow customers to use multiple like video values in the same transaction even though the video value coupon states one per customer.
Most but not all, stores also allow a coupon to be used on the Free item of a Bogo free sale, even though this is not what the coupon policy states. (YMMV)
There are also coupons that you can load2card on Riteaid.com however these are Manufacturer Coupons & cannot be used in conjunction with another Manufacture Coupon, but can be used with an RC49 & RC48 Store Coupon.
Let's talk Up Rewards:
How to opt out of getting your up rewards loaded to you card: http://www.iheartriteaid.com/2012/08/load2card-ups-starting-0902.html 
Take a print out of this to your cashier or store manager they can opt you out..or you can go to Riteaid.com & speak to a customer service rep.
Up Rewards will then print on the bottom of your receipt. They will be able to be used the next day at/after 6 am. They expire 14 days from the date of issue. Once they are expired most stores will refuse to take them. You will lose them.
As a couponer, it is important to get your Up Rewards printed so they can be used after all your Store & Manufacture Coupons. If you get them loaded to your card they will come off before your coupons & will ruin your transaction.
Up Rewards are not card specific which means they can be used with any other wellness card not just the one that you used to earn the ups.
Up Rewards are sponsored by the Manufacturer & are considered coupons you must always use them before any cash that you give but after all other coupons. Most up rewards will not lower your tax except for the occasional RC 48. most are RC49 though.
You are able to use multiple Up Rewards in the same transaction. You can use most Up Rewards on Non-prescription items. (Excludes Alcohol, Cigs. Etc. see Terms & Conditions link above..)
Bronze, Silver & Gold Discount Info: 
Bronze Discount begins at 250 Points. Bronze gives you a one time 10% pass of all non-sale store items & an ongoing 10% on Rite Aid Brand items everyday for a year.
Silver Begins at 500 Points. 
Gold Begins at 1,000 Points. 
When you get to the discounted mark you will be notified on your receipt.
Make sure when you hit the 500 point mark on your card to go toRiteaid.com to choose & redeem a special reward: https://www.riteaid.com/wellness/rewards
The way the Sliver & Gold Discount works is as follows: The Silver 10% & Gold 20% discount will be applied if the sale price is higher than the discount price. So whichever is lower will kick in or if the item is not on sale.
Your Silver & Gold discount will not be applied on a Bogo Sale. You will have to earn your discount over again once a year. It resets every January.
How to earn Up Rewards: 
There are deals in the Rite Aid ad. For instance: Buy 2 get $5 up. (Limit 2)
This means you can buy a total of 4 items & get 2 $5 up rewards, then the limit is met, even if you buy more on that card you will not receive any more up rewards for those specific items. 
Or Spend $20 get $10 up. (Limit 2)
This means you can spend a total of $40 (Before Coupons) & get 2 $10 up rewards, even if you buy more on that card you will not receive any more up rewards for those specific items.
You can use coupons to earn these up rewards. Some deals are monthly & some are weekly. Always check your tags in the store to see the dates.
 If you did a deal, hit the limit & it's a monthly deal, that means it will not reset for the whole month, so it will not produce anymore ups than what you already earned.
What if an up reward does not print?:
Call customer service or speak with the store manager. 
Sometimes the store manager will give you a Rite Aid gift card in place of the up reward that did not print but some will have you call customer service & C.S. will send you an up reward in the mail.
Rite Aid Customer Service # 1-800-RITEAID (748-3243)
How to print in a private browser or incognito: 
Please note: Each time you print from a Rite Aid Video Value Account or Rite Aid Facebook coupon close the private browser and open a new one.
Other optional Wellness Programs:


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