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Did this in ONE transaction and used $27.00 in Up+ Rewards (I have like $40.00 in cash Up+ Rewards from returns and stuff.) I get 20% off with my card.

-Luster Toothpaste $6.39 (these aren't ringing up BOGO 50% off--RA glitch right now :(   )

-2 Purex Laundry Detergent $1.99 each

-1 Purex Crystals $3.99

-2 Lysol Wipes $2.00 each

-2 Clearasil Perfecta Wash's $10.00 each

-2 Clearasil Ultra Products $8.99 BOGO

-2 Scunci Hair Brushes $2.55

-1 Scunci Bonus pack ponytails $2.99


-Used (1) Luster White $1.25 RA coupon in Oral Care booklet

-Used (1) Luster White $1.50 MQ printable

-Used (1) $0.50/2 Lysol Wipes printable

-Used (1) BOGO Clearasil Perfecta Wash coupon (NLA)

-Used (4) $3.00 Clearasil Adperk coupons

-Used (2) $1.00 Purex Triple Action Laundry detergent printable coupons

-Used (1) $1.00 Purex Crystals RA coupon inside the Flu booklet

=$0 OOP b/c of $20.00 Up+ Reward and $10.52 (including $3.33) tax) is from returns and stuff from RA. 

-Got back (3) $2.00 Up+'s from Scunci, and a $10 Up+ Reward for spending $30.00 on Clearasil + lsyol, and will submit for a $3.00 SCR on the Luster white toothpaste. 

*Gonna get a mouthwash next time I am in there too and it will be a $0.50 MM after rebate.

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