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FALSE ADVERTISING!!! What would you do?

So my local grocery chain, ShopRite has a promotion going on where you up to 30% off your order- In order to qualify, you had to purchase $900 worth of items- in CASH or after the face value of coupons! I got to $908. They put see store or online for details. I dont see any details on the website, so I call corporate to find out when they apply the 30%.

The lady, Helen, told me it is AFTER store coupons, but BEFORE Manufacturer's Coupons- When I get to the store, they tell me that they only take the discount off after all coupons! I went to a store that triples and I did well, but I just hate being lied to!!!!!!

IF you say 30% off your order, put the details in the ad or online...dont put it in an ad in the store in small print...AFTER Coupons. They want you to spend the $900 to get the discount, but dont really want to give you the discount. If I'm giving you coupons, especially coupons that dont double or triple, you get that money back! So essentially, you want me to pay you and then take the discount off of whats left...not fair...

Furthermore, I took this picture at the store! The sign says Rainchecks will be given at the sale price only, not the 'percent' off certificates price. If there's a 'percent off' certificate price, that means they are advertising that they take the 30% off the sale price during the week, but wont write you a raincheck for that price. That is like them telling you they take 30% off the sale price...not the sale price after coupons....VERY MISLEADING! shopritelies.JPG

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Comment by roasted almond on March 3, 2014 at 7:17pm

call corp again !!!!!!!!!


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