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My Kmart has the promo spend $50 get $1 off per gallon and also spend $35 in baby items get $5. Came up with this deal: buy 2 boxes Luvs diapers $16.99 each, 1 Luvs wipes $8.99, 3 CG eyeshadows 2 at 3.29 and one at $1.65. Total $51.20 use 3 $1 CG and 2 $1 Luv IP. Pay $41.20 get $1 off per gallon and $5 wyb $35 in baby items. So if I can fill up 25gallons ($25 off at the pump) everything will cost $11.20 after factoring $25 gas and $5 back. Makes sense? Any better deal ideas? ***just checked my SYWR acct and there is a $6 in points wyb $45...even better deal!

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Comment by Ranita on September 1, 2013 at 9:33pm
Oops The max that we can fill up is only 20 gallons. So $16.20 for all instead of $11.20. Still an ok deal if you are in need of diapers!


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