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First big successful one. 

2 Scrubbing Bubble Starter kit with Caddy 2/6
1 Scrubbing bubbles toliet gel fresh 2/6 or 3.00 each
4 Nivea Men Shaving Gel BOGO free 3.79 each (2 free)
2 Bayer Contour Meter 9.99 each
2 nivea men shaving foam 3.49 each

Used 2 3/1 Scrubbing bubble start kit with caddy
Used 3 3/2 Nivea Shave Gel
Used 1 Buy start kit get gel fresh free
Used 2 10/1 Bayer Meter

Total OOP: 5.91 paid on a gift card got for free from transferring prescriptions
Total Saved: 81.03
Points Received: 11,000 (or $11)
Total Savings Value: 94%

Will be returning the 2 foam because I thought they were part of the bogo but are not so will be getting back 6.98 plus tax or less due to bill only being 5.91.

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