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walmart schoolastic deal -- free books for your kids!

Not sure if anyone has posted this but I just sent in for mine. Any two Kellogg products with specially marked boxes indicating a free book for every two purchased. I bought two Kellogg mini wheat cereals for 2.49 each and entered the codes inside the boxes online received an email from scholastic after signing up with Kellogg scholastic not only are e they tracking for 100pts each on Kelloggs website to redeem for coupons or other items but you get a $5 coupon code for your book in your email . I only got two boxes but you can get unlimited coupons. Great for getting free books (*exluding shipping unless you bulk up) and better deal if you use coupons on your cereal !! I just got the adventures of robin hood for my nephew when he gets older and paid 2
99 for shipping .

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